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The developers of Zoo-phonics®, with its accent on reinforcement through the multi-modal approach, are convinced that this system offers an outstanding alternative to past and present methods of teaching reading and spelling.

Zoo-phonics® is perfect for your classroom! Students gain a firm foundation of the letter sounds and shapes and soon learn uppercase letters and letter names, and how to apply them to text. The curriculum is age-appropriate, developmental, sequential and playful. It is fully kinesthetic and multi-sensorial—children use their eyes, ears, mouths and bodies to learn. Preschool children will begin sound blending, spelling, and writing by mid-year or earlier. It is excellent for ELL/Transition/Special Ed students —a total physical response at its best because of the concrete Animal Letters and Body Movements. It teaches those important high frequency words, phonetically and easily. It easily teaches other more challenging graphemes/phonemes needed in early reading and writing (blends, digraphs, long vowels, diphthongs, the schwa sound, r – controlled vowels, silent letters, and soft sounds), still keeping learning playful! The Animal letters integrate into calendar, alphabet song, favorite songs, art, music, science, math, dramatic play and physical education. Parents will love their children’s amazing academic growth, and you can train the parents too! Zoo-phonics® provides a complete Language Arts Program that integrates with all other subjects. Zoo-phonics® will reach every child including… Toddlers Head Start Preschool Kindergarten First Grade English language Learners Special Education (all grades) The problem with the alphabet and learning how to read and spell is that it is too abstract. So we made it concrete. Zoo-phonics® is an effective and proven methodology! The Animal Alphabet helps children remember the shapes and sounds of the letters. Letter sounds are taught before letter names. Lowercase letters are taught before capital letters. The Body Movement for each Animal Letter helps “cement” the phonemic information into memory. The alphabet is taught sequentially, and as a whole entity, “a – z.” The alphabet is not fragmented. Short vowels are taught before long vowels. Phonemic patterns (at, bat, fat, sat, etc.) are taught first, rather than random word lists (of, it, then, was, etc.) The Zoo-phonics® curriculum is fully integrated with other subjects.



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