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Sunridge Associates is a UK based company specialising in educational training, consultancy, coaching and management in the UK and overseas, with a global network.

Sunridge Associates works with a range of schools and educators nationally and internationally, working together with schools to understand their needs. Sunridge Associates draws on experience of working in schools, leading schools in the UK and overseas, using this first-hand experience to help schools towards improvement. We treat each request individually, assembling a specialist team with the right mix of expertise and experience to meet your needs and context. Our range of products and services are delivered with integrity and professionalism. High quality advice, guidance and support is shared on a ethical and trustworthy basis, based on experience in the field. We offer Bespoke Consultancy. Sunridge Associates will work with you and your school to identify your needs on a bespoke basis, ascertaining your school’s priorities and how these can be best met. Leadership Training and Coaching. Sunridge Associates offers mentoring and coaching to new and established school leaders, offering advice and guidance on leadership development, strategic planning and managing change. We offer leadership training for middle and senior school leaders, impacting on personal development and school improvement. Professional Learning Days and Conferences. Sunridge Associates offers bespoke professional learning days based on your school’s needs, working closely with you to ensure the outcomes you want from the day are met. Your day is tailored to meet the needs of your school and your staff, offering advice and guidance to maximise the difference it can make to learners. We have most recently provided professional learning days on themes including Early Years, Metacognition, Student Agency, Using Data to Improve Learning. School Start Up and Beyond. Sunridge Associates has considerable experience in opening schools in the UK and overseas, understanding and knowing what is needed and when. Sunridge Associates has extensive knowledge and practical experience of school management and set up, understanding local context and what is needed in the first days of establishing a new school. In light of COVID 19 travel restrictions, Sunridge Associates has continued to operate and connect with schools globally offering a professional learning experience, with the right mix of expertise and experience to meet a school needs. We pride ourselves on a set of core values. Confidentiality. We will always treat the school's context and narrative as confidential. We recognise the importance of trusted relationships in school if they are to be successful and if they are to improve. Integrity At Sunridge Associates we believe our services should make a difference in the lives of educators, students, all stakeholders in schools and will deliver a service that is honest and fair. Professionalism From our first contact with you, we will provide a full and comprehensive professional service. All individuals at all levels will be treated with respect and integrity. Independent We are an independent company and so are able to give advice freely that is accurate and impartial. International minded We work with schools around the world and recognise the importance of an international mindset, honouring a school’s individual setting and recognising internationalism as part of our learning future. Communication We believe communication is the cornerstone of our services to school, so will always communicate with you regularly, honestly and in a timely fashion.




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