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Procare Software

Procare is the number one name in child care software. For more than three decades, child care professionals and school administrators like you have relied on us to provide comprehensive software with the power to manage every aspect of your business


Winnie is a marketplace for child care built on powerful data systems and backed by a trusted community of parents and providers.


Payroll & HR the Whole School will Love. It's a challenge to get your school on board with change. CheckWriters makes the process better with hands-on service and support, and easy-to-use software for you and your employees


Learn how our powerful, yet easy-to-use Admissions, Enrollment, and Tuition Management software helps private K-12 schools—and the people who run them—thrive.

Prime Child Care Software

Spend your prime work hours building strong relationships with parents, teachers, and children instead of bogged down in administrative details & paperwork. All you need is our truly comprehensive childcare management software and world-class support


From office, school, facilities and safety essentials, services like print and marketing, to demonstrating what more is possible with our technology and workspace solutions, Winc has a wide product range that can be tailored to your needs.

Eduspire Solutions

Eduspire Solutions takes learning to the next level with its web-based school software and mobile apps for schools, designed to simplify administration of classroom management and activity periods.


It all began in 1989 when the husband of a Deputy Head designed a DOS-based database to solve the problem of data collection at her school. That labor of love would form the basis of the browser-based MIS that many schools all over the world trust.


Visitu protects your campus with improved visitor management, student monitoring and tracking, critical emergency management and seamless campus communication to faculty, students, visitors and parents.

School Parent Corner

The school corner hopes to establish a new communication bridge on the campus through mobile applications and online platforms to connect schools, parents, teachers, and students. The purpose is to strengthen the campus information flow.