Reading On Your Head

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We approach reading in a wholly new way: we want pupils to be incentivised to engage with reading and direct their own learning.

Curriculum Focussed Our site splits reading into National Curriculum reading domains, allowing pupils to focus their learning. Question templates are differentiated by year group and editing of the templates is intuitive. Promoting Engagement Engaging pupils with reading is a pressing issue for all teachers – the rapid rise of technology means that pupils have an increasingly diverse range of alternatives to picking up a book. Promoting the deep engagement with reading that is key to driving standards in all subject areas requires novel, innovative solutions – just the kind of solutions our site offers. Our approach to reading asks pupils to immerse themselves in a text and to dig beneath its surface and explore. Gamification An increasing trend in educational research is to recognise and promote the value of gamification, the idea of masking learning as game playing. Our concept invests heavily in this idea – we passionately believe that our approach motivates pupils to read. More than just read, it pushes pupils to move beyond surface engagement with a text to a deeper understanding.


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