Environmental, Social & Governance Policy

Respect and Integrity 

Respect for our planet, our environment and our fellow human beings are paramount to us. Excessive travel, be it business or pleasure, is no longer necessary in this day and age.  We live in a digital era where most purchases can be carried out at the touch of a button so why are (were) we flying around the world as if our life depended on it?  

We are not suggesting that international travel become obsolete, but it can be significantly reduced if we put our minds to it. Respect for local communities and cultures is at the forefront of our ethos.  Where possible we endeavour to support regional suppliers and services, not only are we helping them make a living, but we can potentially reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding lengthy and expensive travel.   

We question our supply chain; is it ethical, is it morally compliant, is it in line with our own code of practice? Shipments must be direct where achievable; cut out the stopovers.  And of course, eradicate child labour.  

Respect for the land around us, the natural habitat. We advocate the preservation of our rainforests, the protection of our wildlife and the conservation of our communities.     

We have the best interest at heart of every single person or business that we work with. We strive to promote positive change and we will do everything we can to achieve it.   

We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all of our dealings with everybody that we work with. Everything we do as a business will be with the aim of being in the best interests of our co-workers and clients, all of whom we value.  Our customer service will be second to none.  

We do not discriminate. We are inclusive. We are diverse. We hope you are too.  


Compassion and Empathy  

In our efforts to support local communities we see first-hand the challenges and difficulties they are faced with. We work closely with schools to educate the next generation, to furnish them with the knowledge and the tools to fulfil their potential. We have a responsibility to deliver a kinder, gentler world where children can look forward to their future rather than be scared of it.   

We support local charities and sustainability programmes in our quest to power change; we embrace good practice and reject bribery and corruption. We abhor conflict. Equality is our backbone and the driving force in everything that we do. 


Sincerity and good faith   

We are honest and transparent. There is no hidden agenda. We are who we say we are. We put our faith in our suppliers, and we trust that they will deliver. We encourage schools to share their experience, provide reviews and promote good governance. We are accountable; we are considerate.    

The social and environmental impact of our actions, our decisions is our priority.


Passion and belief   

We believe that we can make a difference and it’s what we aim to do. We believe in our suppliers, in our schools, in ourselves. We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint, promoting sustainability and creating a better, brighter future for our children. And we believe that we can do it. We hope you do too. 


Determination and resolve   

We will make it work. We will build this better future. Our standards are high, our goals are achievable. We like to think that anything is possible. Are you with us?