Advertising Policy

These posting guidelines are subject to change without notice at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to remove adverts or other content and deactivate member accounts without refund in breach of these terms or if we feel that an advert is attempting to breach these terms.

Definitions of ‘Us’ – this includes our website, company, members of staff, directors, partners and 3rd parties that we use.

Adverts must:

  • Contain no copy written images or branding that is not owned by the organisation e.g. other company logos or taglines
  • Animations can be used but no extreme blinking, extreme spinning or intense effects
  • All adverts must be of good quality and not be blurry, pixelated, or hard to read
  • All averts must maintain the high quality nature of the website
  • Adverts must not mention any of our competitors
  • Non be political, sexual, religious or have, extremest views
  • Not mention of competitors
  • Not be offensive to any one or thing
  • Not insult, mock or offend the site its self
  • Be in relation to the organisation and the business its self i.e. not advertise a different business
  • Not contain nudity, violence or anything deemed illegal in the country of hosting
  • Not contain swear words