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Mangahigh is an adaptive, games-based mathematics learning platform that offers personalized learning pathways for students of grades KG-10th. It is a fully online platform that works on all devices to ensure students enjoy learning mathematics.

Mangahigh is a fun, adaptive and pedagogically sound platform that allows students to build their mathematical abilities through engaging math quizzes and games. Mangahigh helps differentiate the math lessons for every child, based on their individual needs. The learning, remediation and practice in Mangahigh happen as children answer questions, and not through static videos. The active engagement with math questions and extensive practice through games ensures students remain interested in the subject and indulge in self-motivated, self-paced learning of math. Mangahigh is a fully online, browser-based platform, which can be used on any device with the internet. It is a synchronous platform, which means that students performance data gets updated real-time and teachers are able to monitor progress, course-correct and offer relevant intervention in real-time as well. Mangahigh assists students in becoming self-driven learners by giving them questions at their zone of proximal development, always encouraging them to try harder and hence, nurturing a growth mindset. Mangahigh's Prodigi quiz platform also provides instant feedback on how the incorrect questions should have been attempted, and its AI engine recommends relevant practice modules for students based on their performance, thus acting as a mini tutor to the students. Mangahigh's Games platform offers a world-class gaming environment, with math as the underlying gaming mechanic, which builds grit and perseverance in math and also nurtures mental math abilities in various topics, including number line, place value, times tables, mensuration, geometry, fractions, decimals, quadratics and many more. Mangahigh also assists teachers by sharing their workload of setting and checking assignments, since Mangahigh has over 1000+ different assignments for students between ages 5-15. Every assignment has hundreds of questions that are available for practice and for building proficiency in math. Teachers are also able to access granular reports for every child and every attempted activity, and also are able to view class-wide performance. This gives them the ability to plan targeted remediation and to engage students with a dynamic worksheet for every single curriculum-aligned topic on Mangahigh. Mangahigh has been used by over 5000+ schools globally, in over 50+ countries since its inception in 2008. While Mangahigh's head office is in London, it is a truly global firm, that has worked with many demographics, many curricula and a variety of learners, which has helped develop Mangahigh into a truly equitable, well-researched and well-accepted program in the teaching/learning community. It has been endorsed by none-other-than Mr. Bill Gates - “Mangahigh is delivering fun, competitive, games-based lessons that drive greater engagement and understanding” (Bill Gates' Annual Letter 2012).




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