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We specialise in setting up and running UK Limited companies to purchase UK buy-to-let properties. All our companies have a UK financial account, high quality legal documents, are designed to be tax efficient and work with mortgage lenders.

Our service includes: - setting up a UK limited company for our customers - providing a company bank account - coordinating with our customer's lawyers to purchase their property into their company - doing everything required to run their company (including accounting, tax filing, legal documents, secretarial work and registered office) Our fees for all the services above are a one-time sign up of £500 (exc vat) and monthly subscription of £20 (exc vat) per company. Effectively our customers can run their entire company for 12 x £20/ month = £240 year. This is 10x more cost effective than alternatives in the market. We can set up a company and execute all legal documents in as little as 20 minutes and everything can be done online. The benefits of using a company to purchase UK buy-to-let property include: - Tax efficiencies - Limited personal liability - Easily buy and sell with others - Improved inheritance planning - Well developed mortgage markets On tax efficiencies, we have audited examples showing how post-tax profits can increase by 52% to 66% by using a company with GetGround vs. owning the property in personal name. The main tax advantages come from: - the ability to deduct mortgage interest from your UK tax bill (with personal ownership you only get a basic rate credit) - efficiently take rental income from your company by means of owner loan repayments or dividends - lower capital gains tax on sale of shares vs. property - if you sell, no SDLT for the buyer, which translates as a price advantage to the seller.




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