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Bright Morning is an international education, coaching and consulting firm that exists to bring new learning practices to organizations that aspire to interrupt inequities, build resilient communities, and heal and transform the world.

Our work transforms schools into equitable places of learning where every child gets whatever they need, every day, in order to be successful and to thrive. Process matters. The journey is the destination. Therefore, we lead processes of creation and transformation that honor and nurture all of those involved. Our schools must be transformed in order to become equitable places of learning. This requires learning, and unlearning, on the part of adults leading in schools. We focus on transforming the process and experience of learning for adults as the key lever for transforming schools. If we, the adults, learn to learn more effectively, then we can change our schools. If leaders and coaches learn to facilitate transformational, effective learning, then we can change our schools. We prioritize and provide in-person learning experiences as they are where the greatest transformation occurs. They provide the opportunity for deep reflection, epiphanies, and connections with others. Ideally, we bring people to new settings which can provide the distance from their daily realities and which allows them to go into deep reflection.



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